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By | November 19, 2019

Second-hand vehicles are not always the cheaper offer

Second-hand vehicles are not always the cheaper offer

Used or new vehicle? Many car buyers are faced with this question, especially when their own wallet is just less crowded. Sufficient cash is not always available to finance the planned purchase of a vehicle. Alternatively, many buyers then switch to used models and annual cars because at first glance these appear to be the cheaper solution.

Although bargains can be found on the used car market, second-hand vehicles are not always the cheaper offer. Signs of wear, upcoming repairs and high maintenance costs often cause the initially lower costs when buying a used car to skyrocket.A loan for new cars is a cheap alternative for many prospective buyers if the new vehicle cannot currently be paid in cash or the money saved is to be kept together.

New car loans: Many advantages for vehicle buyers

New car loans: Many advantages for vehicle buyers

The credit for new cars often includes many additional options and advantages that are usually not available when buying a used car.
Many car insurers grant special discounts on their usual insurance premiums when buying a new car. New car buyers can save up to 30 percent and more here. The money saved can be used to partially finance the loan for the new car.

Likewise, some manufacturers offer buyers of new vehicles many additional extras. When purchasing a new car, it is often possible to co-finance inexpensive maintenance and repair packages. The monthly costs during the financing period are very clear and car buyers are spared from unpleasant additional costs.

The usual cash payment discounts when buying a new car also have an impact. The credit for new cars gives buyers the opportunity to pay the vehicle to the car seller in one sum. On this basis, sellers can accommodate discounts of more than 15 percent.

After all, many loans do not have to be paid off in full. After an agreed period of use, the vehicle can be returned to the dealership at a previously agreed return price. Alternatively, there is often the option of follow-up financing.

The loan for new cars is also a worthwhile offer for customers with sufficient cash reserves. In the case of financing offers without interest, your own cash is better invested in every overnight deposit account than if it flows directly into the purchase of the new vehicle.

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